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#WholeLifeNutrition Coaching

12-week whole food based nutrition coaching programme to receive support, develop strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy, nutritious diet without feeling restricted.

Almost every day I come across people who are tired of not knowing how to eat properly. They are tired of trying the latest diet and being miserable. Their energy is low, their brain is foggy, they have poor bowel movements and bad skin, can’t sleep and just generally feel terrible.

And the end of it all they end up feeling worse than when they started. Defeated and thinking what is the point of it all.

I know there is a better way and I have created #WholeLifeNutrition to show you that it is possible to enjoy food and feel amazing at the same time.

Trust me, I know this personally because I have been there.

I moved abroad to Japan in 2006. I spent two years teaching English, learning the language and having fun.  I, also, spent those two years isolated from friends and family. I poured my feelings into food and packed on an extra 30 pounds. When I returned home I started going to the gym and while I dropped the weight I was following a restrictive diet which made me miserable, tired all the time and even had me pulling over on the highway to eat because I was so hungry I couldn’t wait to get home.

Since then I have made a complete turn around in my approach to diet. 

As I’ve aged, the necessity of eating well has been driven home time and time again. Serving my body a diet rich in whole foods has done nothing but improved my quality of life. 

I created #WholeLifeNutrition Coaching to help others who are struggling with the same things I was– low energy, lack of sleep, poor water intake and being miserable on a diet — to love their bodies, look better, feel better and live longer.

It is a fantastic solution  as it provides you with the strategies and support you will need to finally achieve long lasting health whilst enjoying doing so. 

I, and the other, participants will be with you every step of the way to work on developing and sticking to these strategies. I’m super excited and can’t wait to work with you.


When you purchase: within minutes you will receive your receipt via email ( please check your Junk /Spam folder) and you will receive your first follow up message with all the directions for getting started. If you don’t receive an email within a few minutes of purchase email me. Questions? Concerns? Queries? Email me

What’s included in #WholeLifeNutrition Coaching:

  • Nutrition strategy development – I will be working with you, over the course of 12 weeks, to develop strategies which will allow you to change your diet to one that is primarily whole foods based without feeling restricted. 
  • 12 weekly modules delivered weekly
  • Private Facebook group for all participants to connect with each other. This includes accountability and support from me and the other participants.
  • Weekly progress check-ins to keep you on track.
  • Shopping guide, recipe ideas, budget and time friendly recipes and ideas on how to enjoy eating whole foods.
  • You will come away with a sustainable way of eating designed to achieve good health and maintain it forever

Hi, I’m Leslie.

I’m Leslie Humphrey, foodie and personal trainer. I have been helping people, with their fitness and nutrition goals since 2010. I run an all women boot camp which helps them to improve their physique as well as feel strong and healthy. Additionally, I offer one to one coaching, tandem, small group coaching and mobile coaching on this lovely rock called Barbados.

I’m a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine. I enjoy the hell out of weight training, swimming, soca music, carnival, gin, the beach and trying new foods and recipes. 

#WholeLifeNutrition is perfect for you if:

  • You’re tired of the latest nutrition trends and want to learn how to eat healthily and be happy at the same time.
  • You’re looking for community and accountability when it comes to your diet.
  • You’re interested in a natural way to boost your energy, get quality sleep, stop “falling off the wagon”, feel better about your body, and learn consistent eating habits


Who this program is not for:

  • People who are kicking ass when it comes to their nutrition and know exactly what to do and aren’t struggling.
  • Those who are not willing to commit to the programme.
  • Those who are not open to sharing their struggles and triumphs with a community
  • Those who are looking for quick fixes.
  • People who are more DIY. This program is high touch with a coach and a community to help you stay on track.

So…I think I should tell you: I’m going to ask you to dig deep.  Eating whole foods primarily requires commitment, willingness to provide and examine feedback and a willingness to roll with the punches. If you’re not ready for that, this probably isn’t the program for you.


Am I going to have to give up processed foods?
The goal is to increase the amount of whole foods in your diet. You will not have to give up processed foods completely. 

How much weight will I lose?
This is not a weight-loss programme but many people find that when they start eating whole foods they make experience weight loss or a change in body composition as a result.

Do I have to use supplements?

Will this be expensive?
I’m definitely not in the business of “jucking out people eye”. #WholelifeNutrition is affordable.

Will the coaching be time consuming?
I’d ask you to check-in daily. It will take maybe 5 minutes for you to share with us any triumphs or challenges you may experience during the day. More likely than not other people are experiencing the same and a little encouragement goes a long way.  You may have to spend a few hours a week food prepping but think of this as an investment in yourself. 

Do I have to participate in the group?
You don’t have to participate but you learn a lot more and discover some surprising things about yourself if you do. This is a group coaching programme and you will find more success if you interact with the group. 

Is there an exercise programme to go with this?
No. If you’re looking for an exercise programme I can provide one for purchase. 

How is this programme delivered?
This programme will be delivered via closed Facebook group and email newsletter. All downloadable guides etc will be uploaded to the Facebook group. 

Why is the programme 12weeks long?
 Many of you participated in #10wholedays and probably would have realized that 10 days is just the tip of the iceberg. I made the coaching 12 weeks to help you develop sustainable habits for life.  This is about creating lasting change that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Are you ready?


When you purchase: within minutes you will receive your receipt via email ( please check your Junk /Spam folder) and you will receive your first follow up message with all the directions for getting started. If you don’t receive an email within a few minutes of purchase email me. Questions? Concerns? Queries? Email me