Leslie Bites

“Leslie Bites? Wha de hell?”. This is probably what many of you are asking and probably more of you are wondering if you need to take a bite out of me. While that would be delicious you most certainly don’t have to that.

Leslie Bites is a little something I came up with in 2014. I had just returned home from living in Japan for 3 years and Barbados felt a little foreign to me to be honest. I really missed Japan and I was going through the throes and uncertainty of starting a new business, working on my home from the first time and moving back into my family home. I found myself eating out of frustration. This meant a lot of junk food and Asian food wherever I could find it. After a few weeks, a couple pounds and a general discomfort with my body I decided to change that.

I have any entire album on my facebook dedicated to the foods I enjoyed and discovered in Asia. So I decided to make some Bajanized versions of them and share on my Instagram page. I started cooking and sharing and using mostly whole or minimally processed foods and in no time I was back to feeling great about my body and healthier.

What does that have to do with you?

A few months ago I asked my Facebook friends “What is the #1 thing you struggle with when it comes to being healthier?” Overwhelmingly the answer was “eating properly”.
I can’t let you go out like that can I? Especially when I know I can help you.
I designed the Leslie Bites 10 Day Food Challenge to guide you in the direction of the foods your body needs to not survive but thrive!

Dates: April 15th- April 24th, 2018

  •  Eat and post challenge-compliant meals every day.
  • Meals: Made of whole or minimally processed foods
  • After your free registration you will receive daily emails on how to tailor your nutrition to suit your needs and to be healthy for life.


  • You most post all meals over the 10 days to your Instagram page using the hashtag #LeslieBites  with the corresponding day, e.g #Day 1
  • Follow @ellehumpfree on Instagram
  • Everyone who completes all 10 days of the challenge will be eligible to win a free month of nutritonal coaching with Leslie.
  • If you have any questions about the challenge please email me at info@fitnessbyleslie.com