Welcome To Fitness By Leslie


Certified Personal Trainer
Life really isn't as hard as we make it. My approach to fitness boils down to eating well and playing hard. It's truly difficult to live up to your full potential otherwise. I've been a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine for almost 5 years and have worked with clients from Barbados to North America and as far as Japan.


Private Villa Training

I offer a variety of private classes for clients who do not wish to leave their homes, including strength training, cardio and flexibility.

Small Group Training

Classes are offered just for groups of 10-15 people. These classes are run in 8-10 week series and vary on time and location.

Personal Training

In the summer we like to take things out-doors! Using mostly body weight for resistance we will take our regular boot camp outside.

Online Training

I offer customized exercise programmes which can be done in front of your computer or mobile device


Three words replay in my mind when I feel like giving up mid-workout or mid-event: “We don’t settle.” In her characteristically gentle but firm tone, this is what Leslie said to me during our assessment and goal-setting session and I have never forgotten it.

Giselle, 30, Database Manager and Massage Therapist

Training sessions with Leslie were never mundane. Her approach to physical activity involved a unique balance of mind and body fitness that was tailored to meet the needs of the individual. She stressed on the relevance of goals in attainable timeframes

Renée , early 30s, GIS and Remote Sensing Coordinator

I hate working out. From time immemorial it has consistently felt like punishment. Seemingly back-breaking labour that despite all my efforts never reaped the rewards I so desperately wished for. Partnering with Leslie changed all of that.

Melissa, 30, Senior Account Executive